Why is Cellular Shade Installation Beneficial for Homes?


Why is Cellular Shade Installation Beneficial for Homes?

Almost everyone is familiar with cellular shades for their incredible insulation and light filtering/blocking capabilities. Summertime insulation is just as important as wintertime insulation, most people don’t realize. Insulation reduces air conditioning bills, keeps homes cooler and blocks the sun’s harsh rays during the summer.

Honeycomb Cellular Shades Have the Following Benefits:

  • Ability to filter or block light
  • Insulation of the highest quality
  • Reduced noise
  • Reduced energy costs throughout the house
  • Child safety with cordless options
  • Options for managing light and privacy from top-down and bottom-up

The honeycomb cellular shade is available from a variety of manufacturers, but only Resolute Screens offers the best cellular shade installation service in Delray Beach FL for its ability to block light, sound, and remain energy efficient.

Consider the shape of the cells when choosing honeycomb cellular shades. Accordion shapes are better held in place by D-shaped cells. There are a variety of fabrics available, from spun lace to point bond. Point bond is a softer and heavier material than spun lace. Compared to point bond, spun lace is 40% more effective at insulating heat and cold. Honeycomb shades with more cells provide better insulation. The insulation provided by a double cell shade will be better than that of a single cell shade.

The light filtration of cellular shades varies according to their grade. While blackout cellular shades and room darkening shades block undesired light, translucent shades or light filtering shades allow daylight into the room during the day without compromising privacy.

Besides being available in a variety of great colors, honeycomb shades can also be paired with drapes or Roman shades to achieve a more dramatic look. There are three sizes of pleats available for Honeycomb cellular shades: small pleats, medium pleats, and large pleats.

Honeycomb cellular shades are the perfect solution for summer shades that are also insulating. There will be no regrets!

Now that you know the benefits of cellular shade installation in Delray Beach FL, we can show you some of the best shades and blinds for your home and how to install them. Get in touch with us now for more information about our window blinds and cellular shades.