Why Install Retractable Screens for Doors and Windows in Your Florida Home?


Why Install Retractable Screens for Doors and Windows in Your Florida Home?

Beautiful homes in Florida can be havens for their residents. Often, Florida homes are waterfront, making them perfect for fishing or just relaxing in the backyard. A retractable screen from Resolute Screens will make your outdoor area more comfortable no matter where your property is located. Several types of retractable screens are available from Resolute Screens, each with a specific application. You can use retractable screens from Resolute Screens to protect your outdoor living area from insects, cool it down during warm weather, or even put it to good use during hurricanes.

How Do Retractable Screens Work?

As their name implies, retractable screens retract. The retractable screens act like protective housing that rolls up into itself when not in use; this makes them virtually invisible.

A retractable screen will blend in almost seamlessly with a door or window – almost unnoticeable. Window and door frames are seamlessly enclosed by the housings. Opened doors or windows have screens that unroll to protect against flying insects and yet allow for fresh, natural ventilation. As soon as the screen is closed, it slides back into its housing until it is needed again.

There are many advantages to retractable screens:

01: There are retractable screens available for both standard entry doors and out-swinging doors.  These screens are a great option for doors and windows.

02: Instead of an obscured view through a traditional flat screen, a retractable screen will enable the homeowner to enjoy the view through their window or door.

03: During non-use, the retractable screen protects the fabric from UV rays, dirt, and weather.  Therefore, retractable screens will outlast flat screens for a long time.

Winter does not require the screens to be removed and stored away.

Are all Retractable Screens the Same?

Not all retractable screens are the same, just as there are different styles, qualities, and designs of windows and doors. You may be surprised to learn that today’s retractable screens are much more sophisticated than in the past and that they cover windows, doors, and specialty areas. Check with the retractable screens for doors and windows in Delray Beach FL offered by Resolute Screens. Those include retractable custom-designed screen systems with all of the functionality of traditional or French, bi-fold and sliding stacker doors, windows, pool enclosures, and more.

At Resolute Screens, they create retractable screens for doors and windows that can provide insect protection, solar shading, and enhanced privacy instantly at the touch of a button. They are designed in a way that they will keep you out of sight when not in use, virtually maintenance-free. If you have an oversized opening such as a covered patio, lanai, veranda-telescoping wall, or large picture windows Resolute retractable screens are the natural solutions. Our screens are custom fit to meet your needs, covering single openings as large as 25 feet wide and 16 feet high.

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