Innovative Ideas for Drape & Curtain Installation on Multiple Windows


Innovative Ideas for Drape & Curtain Installation on Multiple Windows

Window treatments make a home look complete. A window treatment’s style can affect any room’s appearance and feel, from large prints to tonal hues. Other studies have also shown the energy efficiency of a house is improved by window coverings.

Curtains, blinds, and fabric valances are commonly used to dress windows. Choosing window treatments that provide privacy, block the sun, and match existing décor can be a challenge.

These innovative ideas below can demonstrate how some of the best home designers for drape and curtain installation in Delray Beach FL use drapery on multiple windows to achieve a high-end look.

Height is important

Using curtains on top of the frames will give the illusion that the room is much taller than it actually is. The curtain rods should always be installed as close to a ceiling as possible, no matter where your windows are situated. You can add a huge impact to the feel and look of your room with this simple idea.

Hues of tonality

Keeping things minimalistic is possible with tonal drapery ideas. When paired with wooden walls, brown tones work well. When drawn open, these hues add just a bit of texture. When closed, they blend into the wall. Tonal drapery on windows creates a sense of aesthetics and lets the window itself be the center of attention.

Bland walls can be brightened up by colorful drapery

The best way to transform a room without using paint is to choose a colorful drapery on the windows. These are a great way to add a splash of color. Closed, the drapes provide a stunning alternative to a plain white wall. You can easily add a new spectrum of color to your space by installing colorful drapes on multiple windows in a dramatic accent hue. This is a temporary solution, which is the best part. Depending on your mood or season, you can switch out these drapes.

To Conclude:

Do you still have questions regarding drapes? Consult our experts at Resolute Screens for drape and curtain installation in Delray Beach FL. You can also consult our experts for window treatments from room to room. While heavy drapes may look lovely in your formal dining room, roller shades are most appropriate for your kid’s room. If you want to upgrade your home decor, take a look at all of these window treatments and consult experts at Resolute Screens.