How to Choose the Best Window Treatments for Your Home’s Style?


How to Choose the Best Window Treatments for Your Home’s Style?

You can gain a lot of joy and pride from decorating your home’s interior, and the final result can last for years. To achieve the perfect look, no detail is too small. A window treatment that matches your home’s unique decor style can make or break a room’s appearance. However, choosing the best window treatment for your home in Delray Beach FL can be tricky or even overwhelming.

Fortunately, Resolute Screens offers custom blinds, shades, and shutters that match all types of home decor. No matter what style you prefer throughout your home or how you choose to mix things up, we’ve got you covered.

To help you choose what you like, we’ve included the best window treatment for each of the popular styles, just in case you’re not an interior designer.


Traditional style exudes a refined, luxe beauty. Classic patterns and plush textures are paired with beautiful antiques for a formal yet timeless look. Roman shades in neutral patterns or colors would be ideal for a home with traditional decor, along with fauxwood plantation shutters for a more elegant touch.


Coastal style is inspired by the elegant Delray Beach FL, which combines timeless simplicity with an air of casual refinement. A little bit of the beach is brought inside with whites, blues, and woods. The more natural light the better in this style. Consider beautiful white fauxwood plantation shutters or bamboo shades for a natural touch.


Clean lines and a black-and-white design with a lot of natural light define contemporary style, which stays ahead of the curve. Interiors of contemporary designed homes feature simple wall and window designs that let furniture and decor take the spotlight. Consider white vertical blinds to add more lines to your home’s visual appeal, or black or white roller shades for a clean look that doesn’t steal the spotlight.


Those who enjoy transitional style are passionate about having the best of both worlds – traditional and contemporary. Homeowners of this style are as concerned about comfort and aesthetics as they are with a classic and refined appearance. If you choose neutral shades or roman shades, you can continue this tone within your own home by avoiding ornate and eclectic patterns.


In contrast to ornate furniture and vibrant colors, minimalism prefers clean lines and simple window treatments. To minimalism fans, simplicity is the key to beauty. If you are a minimalist, white or black roller shades are ideal, as are solar or cellular shades.


For those who desire open space and high ceilings, industrial lofts offer a bold, utilitarian, and often stripped-down design. Here, it’s important to keep things raw and simple, and not overdo things. Consider cellular shade installation in Delray Beach FL for industrial lofts with large windows that are known for being drafty, or aluminum mini blinds for a metallic finish.

When you choose curtains and blinds from Resolute Screens, you are streamlining your home’s decor. Our window treatments will complement your home’s style and design. We offer traditional, contemporary, and practical options. We have extensive experience in New York, New Jersey, and Florida.