How Resolute Screens & Shades can help Solve Common Retractable Awning Problems


How Resolute Screens & Shades can help Solve Common Retractable Awning Problems

Because awnings are constantly exposed to the elements, minor wear and tear and technical issues are to be expected. If you’re having problems with your outdoor shade, there are a number of simple ways to troubleshoot and fix the problem. Motorized Blinds Installation in Delray Beach FL is one of the best solutions.

Learn about some of the most common problems with retractable awnings and the steps you can take to fix them.


If your sunshade appears to be sagging, your canopy is probably too long. It’s simple to fix a sagging awning by cranking the handle backwards until the fabric tightens and paying attention to how the fabric is rolling. Make sure the cloth rotates over the top of the roller tube rather than spooling underneath it for the best results.

Mechanical Problems

If your awning won’t retract, it’s most likely due to a problem with one of three components:

Motor: Retraction issues such as jerking or jamming will occur if your motor is damaged or malfunctioning. This type of problem is best handled by trained professionals who will inspect your sunshade, identify the appropriate parts, and replace or repair the equipment.

Tracks: Check for debris that could be clogging the tracks and clean out any dirt or gunk if your awning sticks or comes off its tracks. You can also use more lubricant to get rid of the sticking.

Sensors: Power outages or glitches can result in electric sensor failure. You can either manually operate the blind or have your retractable sunroof recalibrated, reinstalled, or replaced by a repair company. Resolute Screens & Shades provides the best Horizontal Blinds Installation in Delray Beach FL.

Damaged Fabric

Damaged fabric is another common issue with retractable awnings, which can be caused by a variety of factors:

Sun damage: If your fabric has faded as a result of sun exposure, sweep it off to remove debris, then hose it down with soap to prevent further fading.

Fungus or mold: Mold or fungus can grow on your sunshade as a result of water and heat exposure. Spray the shade with a hose and apply mildew remover to get rid of the fungus. Make sure the shade isn’t closed until it’s completely dry.

Rips or tears: If your canopy is ripped or torn, you can patch the holes with patches or special tapes. To seal the rip, you can use a waterproof adhesive — just make sure to trim any threads first.

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