Enjoy the Best of Both Worlds with A Motorized Screen


Enjoy the Best of Both Worlds with A Motorized Screen

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a screened-in option that offered the same security without the drawbacks? Would you be interested in insect control without sacrificing curb appeal? Roll-down or motorized screens may be the solution.

In terms of flexibility and functionality, motorized screens are an innovative system. Motorized porch screens can be raised or lowered with the push of a button. You can customize your deck to fit your mood, the weather, and the season, instead of settling for one set configuration.

Our motorized screen systems are custom-designed to fit any length, and they are guaranteed to fit no matter where they are installed. The screens are held in place with weighted bars.

Depending on your needs, you can choose from various textures and styles of mesh and fabric options that can complement or blend into your home’s decor.

Benefits of Motorized Screens

You’re still not convinced? Motorized screens offer the following benefits:

The temperature can be cooled on demand. 

You can keep your deck or patio at a comfortable temperature by using roll-down screens. In the midst of summer’s heat, you’ll still be able to enjoy the space more. You can even use the screens to control the temperature.

Weather and insect protection.

In spring and summer, a motorized screen can keep pesky flies and mosquitoes out so you can enjoy your outdoor space more comfortably. You can also use retractable screens to shield furniture and decorations from the sun’s rays.

Energy savings. 

Utility bills can be reduced with retractable screens. Your air conditioner will work less during the hotter months if motorized retractable screens are deployed. A retractable screen allows for more natural light to enter the home during winter months.

Adding them to your home will increase its value. 

Home buyers often prefer roll-down screens. With permanent screens and the option to hide them, potential buyers can enjoy all the benefits of permanent screens. Your home might also appreciate in value when a retractable screen is installed.

Customizable and elegant. 

The motorized screen’s housing is sleek and customizable. Your home’s housing can be painted in any color to suit your style. Don’t allow your home’s curb appeal to be harmed by displaying your deck, patio, or home.

Automated at the highest level. 

In today’s world, motorized screens are easy to operate and incredibly user-friendly. You can adjust the roll-down screens entirely on their own, aside from the easy push-button controls. Resolute Screens, for example, include wind and sun sensors that lower or raise the shades automatically when the light percentage reaches a certain point.

Any space can be customized. 

Decks and patios are not the only things Resolute Screens is specialized in. Whatever your needs are for window screens, a door covering, or even a pergola or gazebo, there is a motorized screen option for you. Contact us today to get started with motorized drape and curtain installation in Delray Beach FL.

We at Resolute Screens are committed to preserving and enhancing your home experience by combining style and technology.

We specialize in creating innovative screen solutions including retractable custom-designed screen systems that provide the functionality of traditional or French, bi-fold and sliding stacker doors, windows, pool enclosures, and motorized blinds installation in Delray Beach FL and a lot more.

Located in FL, NY, NJ and CT, Resolute Screens offers solutions for modern U.S.A living!