30 Aug

Innovative Ideas for Drape & Curtain Installation on Multiple Windows

Window treatments make a home look complete. A window treatment’s style can affect any room’s appearance and feel, from large prints to tonal hues. Other studies have also shown the energy efficiency of a house is improved by window coverings. Curtains, blinds, and fabric valances are commonly used to dress windows. Choosing window treatments that …

25 Aug

Is It Possible to Motorize Existing Blinds? Get the Most Reliable Motorized Blinds Installation in Delray Beach FL

“Is it possible to motorize blinds I already have in my house?” is a question we get asked a lot at Resolute Screens. Almost every treatment can be motorized, even in unique situations! Transform your current treatments with Resolute Screens What window treatments do you prefer to the ones you have but do you not …

20 Aug

New Trends in Window Treatments: Hire the Best Window Treatment Service Company in Delray Beach, FL

Nowadays, product development relies heavily on innovation. Markets are fast adapting to consumer tastes and expectations to meet the technologically savvy generation’s raising awareness. Innovation is also driven by lifestyle changes in every sector. The modern consumer is always looking for the next best product on the market, eager to get the most out of …

18 Aug

Reasons to Hire a Professional Company for Drape & Curtain Installation in Delray Beach FL

It is likely that you can handle some household projects on your own. Tasks such as putting up a television, building a stool, and planting flowers are among them. However, there are other tasks that may be more difficult to accomplish on your own. One of these tasks is putting up an awning. Awnings are …

12 Aug

Why Install Retractable Screens for Doors and Windows in Your Florida Home?

Beautiful homes in Florida can be havens for their residents. Often, Florida homes are waterfront, making them perfect for fishing or just relaxing in the backyard. A retractable screen from Resolute Screens will make your outdoor area more comfortable no matter where your property is located. Several types of retractable screens are available from Resolute …

6 Aug

How Much Does It Cost for Drape & Curtain Installation Delray, FL?

Curtains and drapes add warmth and ambiance to any room and are an integral part of most interior designers’ checklists. A curtain can change the atmosphere of a room, make it brighter or darker, and make the decor more appealing. Decide what type of drape and curtain you want to install based on your research. …

5 Aug

Get the Best Services for Horizontal Blinds Installation in Delray Beach, FL

Window blinds are more than just another way to cover a window; they are a type of window covering that allows you to control the amount of light coming in through the windows, as well as visibility from inside and outside. Besides adding privacy and decorative appeal, window coverings also help insulate windows, improving home …

4 Aug

DIY Vs. Hiring Professionals for Aluminum Blinds Installation in Delray Beach FL

It’s no secret that DIY home projects are gaining popularity.  And hey!  This isn’t a knock on it at all!  The average shed toolkit can be used to do many home improvements easily, cheaply, and quickly! Nevertheless, there are times when it definitely pays to hire the expertise of a professional. One of these times …

3 Aug

4 Benefits of Hiring Local, Best Window Treatment Professionals for Your Home in Delray Beach, FL

With the help of a local expert to create your custom blinds, custom shutters, or custom shades, you’re already off to a good start. When it comes to your home, it should reflect your character, so why settle for an off-the-shelf item? Experts in window treatment specialize in transforming homes like yours through the latest …

1 Aug

3 Benefits of Using Motorized Retractable Screens for Doors and Windows in Delray Beach FL

How do you prevent bugs from entering your home? Can you prevent your house, deck, and backyard from getting too hot from the sun? By using retractable roll screens, you can do this. Smoothly rolling out and sealing tightly, these screens are beautiful. Besides keeping bugs out, they block hot rays! Normally, we don’t give …