20 Jul

Why Hire Professionals for Horizontal Blinds Installation?

If you have the right tools, time, and knowledge, you can install horizontal blinds on your own. You may, however, be better off hiring a professional if you wish for horizontal blinds installation in Delray Beach FL in your home. It is the job of expert installers to align the hardware so your blinds hang …

18 Jul

Why is Cellular Shade Installation Beneficial for Homes?

Almost everyone is familiar with cellular shades for their incredible insulation and light filtering/blocking capabilities. Summertime insulation is just as important as wintertime insulation, most people don’t realize. Insulation reduces air conditioning bills, keeps homes cooler and blocks the sun’s harsh rays during the summer. Honeycomb Cellular Shades Have the Following Benefits: Ability to filter …

15 Jul

Why Should You Hire Professionals for Drape & Curtain Installation in Delray Beach FL?

If you’re looking to decorate your windows, there are numerous advantages to hiring a window treatment professional over a big box retailer. Consider calling a professional company for the best window treatment for your home in Delray Beach FL and if you are updating your home with a new look. In-home consultations are available from …

13 Jul

Aluminum Blinds Installation: Top 3 Benefits

Are you planning on aluminum blinds installation in Delray Beach FL? Regardless of the window covering type, this can be an excellent choice. Find out why installing window blinds might be your best option. #1: Your home’s privacy will be easy to control. Is there anything you would like to change about your home to …

11 Jul

Best Retractable Screens Can Help Lower Your Energy Bills

Our energy bill could be reduced by a few dollars. The use of retractable screens in Florida lowers energy bills. Most of us in Florida rely on our air conditioning system 24/7 during the summer because of the hot and humid climate. Resulting in a huge power bill that hurts our wallets badly. With a …

9 Jul

The Benefits of Retractable Screen Doors: Why Replace Your Traditional Screen Doors?

Your home can bring you utmost enjoyment at any time of year with the many options available on the market. Traditional screen doors are not as effective as retractable screens. It may seem strange to you that a retractable screen would be any different from a traditional screen door. How would it feel to have …

8 Jul

Retractable Screens for Doors & Windows Can Reduce Your Energy Bill & Cool Air

In the early summer months, opening your doors and windows can provide you with a comfortable living temperature, whether you want to wake up to a morning breeze or want to reduce the amount of energy you use to cool your home. You might have screens on your windows, but not on your door. The …

5 Jul

Why To Hire Professionals For Drape & Curtain Installation

Many people attempt to install their own window treatments in an attempt to save money, but this often leads to disastrous results. The majority of people don’t realize (until it’s too late) that this type of cost cutting can ultimately lead to higher costs. Although some people may initially shudder at the thought of hiring …

3 Jul

Why Should You Hire A Professional For Motorized Blinds Installation?

The idea of doing it yourself is appealing to many homeowners. If you are going to install blinds, it is best to have them professionally installed. With professional experience, the task can be handled quickly without having to fumble for clues as to what to do next. In addition to having the appropriate tools, they’ll …

1 Jul

3 Benefits of Hiring Local Window Treatment Professional for Your Home

Custom shutters, blinds, and shades can be designed by a local window treatment professional. Why settle for something off the shelf from a big box store when your home is an extension of your personality? With the latest trends and technology, window treatment professionals transform homes like yours every day. You won’t need to drive …