Benefits of Custom Cellular Shades Installation


Benefits of Custom Cellular Shades Installation

Honeycomb shades – also called cellular shades – are a long-standing popular window treatment choice that offer a wide range of practical and light-diffusing benefits. We at Resolute Screens have prepared a guide to some of the key reasons why cellular / honeycomb shades are a great choice for your home or office.

Insulation that works great

During the colder months, cellular shades can keep your space warm, while keeping it cool in the summer. Installing a cellular shade for the first time on a hot day will show you how the air stays cool over time. This leads to substantial energy savings for our clients. Cells positioned between the fabric layers stop temperature diffusion due to their unique construction – these cells capture air. With cellular shades installed on your windows, you can greatly reduce energy loss through the thermal activity of your windows, thus making your home more energy efficient.

Easy installation and use

Most cordless cellular shades can be operated by hand – just raise or lower them as needed, and they stay right where you placed them. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, cordless varieties of cellular shades are much safer for households with small children.

Exceptional privacy

Depending on the level of opacity, you can change the darkness of cellular shades. Choose a shade that allows in a little light or a slight view, or select blackout cellular shades for 100% privacy – and a range of medium opacities. Using this feature, you can control how much of your home the people outside may be able to see from your windows, and when the outside world will be visible from your home.

Designed specifically for you

There are many different styles and designs of honeycomb shades and blinds available, including customizable materials, textures, colors, and styles that can be matched perfectly to your existing decor. If you purchase and install cellular shades that compliment your existing home decor, you will ensure that your shades flow logically and visually with your space.

If you are looking for services for custom cellular shades installation in Delray Beach FL, give us a call at Resolute Screens. A consultant from our company will reach your place with experts for the services at your desired timeframe.