Awnings in Delray Beach: Curb Appeal Isn’t the Only Benefit


Awnings in Delray Beach: Curb Appeal Isn’t the Only Benefit

Have you ever admired the appearance of awnings on other homes in your neighborhood? Perhaps you’ve considered having them installed in your home but aren’t sure if it’s worth the investment.

If you’ve been thinking about getting awnings in Delray Beach FL, knowing all of the benefits they offer will most likely persuade you that they’re a good investment. Also, you may consider Resolute Screens & Shades for Retractable Screens for Doors & Windows in Delray Beach FL.

Improve Energy Efficiency

Today, we couldn’t imagine life without air conditioning during the hot summer months. Awnings were commonly used in homes prior to the invention of air conditioning to keep them cool during the hotter months. Many homeowners believe that awnings have outlived their usefulness due to the widespread use of air conditioning. This is completely false.

Glass doors and windows transfer more solar energy than any other construction element in a typical home. Solar radiation passing through glass accounts for approximately 20% of an air conditioner’s load. Window awnings can reduce solar heat gain by up to 65 percent on south-facing windows and 77 percent on the west-facing windows in the summer.

Awnings can help keep your home cool and comfortable without taxing your air conditioning system and can help you save money on your energy bills. Not only will you save money, but reduced energy consumption can also reduce your environmental impact, making awnings an eco-friendly home improvement. Resolute Screens & Shades provides the Best Retractable Screens in Delray Beach.

Protection from the Elements – Inside and Out

Awnings protect you and your property from the elements. While fumbling with keys or juggling grocery bags, a door awning can protect you from inclement weather. Window awnings shield your home from rain by diverting it away from the brick or siding that surrounds your windows and doors. This will help you avoid costly damage and repairs in the future by extending the life of the sealant around your windows. In the event of severe weather, remember to retract awnings or remove heavy snow accumulation.

Awnings also provide shade for your home during sunny weather. The sunlight that enters your home through the windows can also be harmful. The sun’s rays cause the contents of your home to fade, a process known as photodegradation.

Ready for Awnings in Delray Beach FL?

Awnings you’ve seen on other houses may or may not be appropriate for yours. It is critical to remember that there are numerous awning materials and styles to choose from, including custom awnings. Consult with an awning professional at Resolute Screens & Shades to find the perfect awnings to protect your home and enhance its appearance. Contact us today at (954) 874 – 6024 for a free estimate!