4 Key Advantages of Cellular Shades Installation Offers


4 Key Advantages of Cellular Shades Installation Offers

A long-standing window treatment choice, honeycomb shades or cellular shades offer a variety of practical and light-diffusing advantages. As prepared by Resolute Screens, here are a few key reasons for installing honeycomb or cellular shades in your home or office.

#1: Excellent insulation

The warmth of your home is kept inside by cellular shades during cooler months, and your home stays cool in the summer. On a hot day, when you install a cellular shade for the first time, simply pull it down and observe the air remaining cool as it does so. The savings on energy bills for our clients are substantial. The fact that these garments are constructed with cells between layers of fabric prevents temperature diffusion due to the creation of these multi-layered cells. With custom cellular shades installation in Delray Beach FL, you will significantly reduce the amount of energy lost through the thermal activity of your windows.

#2: Installing and using the device is easy

Popular cordless cellular shades are easy to operate – they can simply be raised and lowered by hand, and they will remain in the same position. Moreover, cordless versions of cellular shades are neat and safer around families with young children due to their cordlessness.

#3: Privacy that’s out of this world

It is possible to customize the darkness of your cellular shades by choosing their opacity levels. The shades can offer you a slight light filtering effect, or they can offer you 100% privacy, with many opacities, even blackout. By doing so, you will be able to choose when the outside world will be visible from your home, and how much of your house should be visible from the outside.

#4: Designed specifically for you

Blinds and shades made of honeycomb are available in many different styles and designs. They are available in a variety of colors, materials, textures, and styles that can perfectly match your existing decor with custom cellular shades installation in Delray Beach FL by Resolute Screens. You will be able to achieve a logical and visually appealing flow by choosing cellular shades that match your existing decor.

We offer a perfect combination of style and cutting-edge technology at Resolute Screens to enhance your home experience.

Our expertise is in creating innovative screen solutions including custom cellular shades installation in Delray Beach FL with all of the functionality of traditional or French, bi-fold and sliding stacker doors, windows, pools enclosures, and more.

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